Licorich Root Dietary Supplement - 3 Pack

Licorich Root Dietary Supplement - 3 Pack

Licorich Root Dietary Supplement - 3 Pack

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A Powerful Natural Dietary Supplement Antioxidant for Cardiovascular Health!


***Bundle of 3 bottles***                                            ***Shipping included***

Product Highlights

Promotes cardiovascular health

100 mg powerful antioxidant flavonoids extract from the polyphenol family

Clinically validated for efficacy in the areas of vital cardiovascular health parameters

World-class biotechnology

Easy-to- swallow capsules

What Does Licorich do?

Licorich uses a standard dose of flavonoids extract as a natural and safe ingredient for managing cardiovascular and heart health.


After years of research, experimentation and clinical trials on various natural ingredients, a unique extract made from the Licorice Root plant was identified by the research team as a “super antioxidant." 

each bottle contains 60 caplets

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Licorich Israel
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Alexander Zaid 62 A
Kiryat Haim
Description :

Licorich Israel is engaged in preventive medicine and assists in the prevention of atherosclerosis by means of a revolutionary and natural product.

The product was researched by Prof. Michael Aviram, Director of the laboratory and research department at Rambam Medical Center and Technion’s Faculty of Medicine.


Efi Zisman sole distributor of Licorich Israel E.Z. Ltd