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VINIA is a revolutionary bio-superfood developed by BioHarvest, a company at the forefront of Biofood technology. VINIA is a red grape powder made from red grape cells and contains all the polyphenol benefits that exist in grapes, without the sugar, calories or alcohol.

One packet of VINIA contains the same amount of resveratrol found in 1,000 red grapes or 1 bottle of red wine. Four clinical trials have already been carried out using VINIA, which proved to show positive results within the blood pressure and type 2 diabetes parameters. 

Why Choose VINIA?

100% Natural

VINIA premium red grape powder offers many of the health benefits associated with red wine and red grapes without the sugar, calories or alcohol.

Improves Blood Circulation

VINIA improves blood circulation by helping increase artery and blood vessel dilation.

Helps Maintain Normal Blood Pressure

VINIA promotes dilation of blood vessels to aid healthy blood circulation for people with blood pressure already within the normal range.

Fuels Anti-Oxidant Activity

The antioxidant power of VINIA reduces free radical activity in blood vessels/arteries.

Consume one packet daily in the morning, mixed with food or beverage or consume directly.

If you have an active lifestyle, you may consume an additional packet in the afternoon.

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BioHarvest is a biological innovator that has developed a breakthrough platform technology called ‘biofarming’ which leverages science to harness the power of nature to reduce the risks of particular health problems. 

It All Started With A Grape

BioHarvest was born at the crossroads of raw food and technology. In the heart of Israel’s Agricultural and Biotechnology research industry, a biologist and a grape specialist uncovered a way to offer an alternative to wine without wine’s excessive sugar and alcohol content.

In 2001, their findings were confirmed in an article published by the prestigious scientific peer review journal “Nature” (“Endothelin-1 synthesis reduced by red wine”) (*2). The article demonstrated for the first time, that the polyphenols found in wine, like Resveratrol, Tannins and Quercetin, were linked to inhibiting the synthesis of endothelin-1(ET-1), which constricts blood vessels. In other words, the polyphenols found in red wine help maintain healthy blood circulation.

The real breakthrough however, came from nature itself, grapes or botanical berries direct from the vine which are a powerful source of polyphenols. The scientists’ discovery featured a dramatic shift in how to leverage nature through science by growing red grape cells in a nutrient solution (not soil) and cultivating the grapes into a fine powder without genetic engineering (Non-GMO). VINIA® is a source of polyphenols (40 mg) without the sugar, calories or alcohol found in wine and grapes.

VINIA is grown using a proprietary agricultural biofarming technology, a game-changing breakthrough known as hydroponics (growing plants and vegetables in nutrient solutions, in water without soil). This revolutionary farming method mirrors nature to create a fruit powder from the parent plant by growing fruit in nutritive liquid solution and ultimately harvesting the final product— a fruit powder.

Growing VINIA was the beginning of the revolutionary development of bio-superfood journey.