Nursing Covers and Stroller Sun Shade Long

 Nursing Covers and Stroller Sun Shade Long

Nursing Covers and Stroller Sun Shade Long

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***This bundle has 3 Nursing Covers and a Stroller Sun Shade Long***

Freedom to feed your baby in any place

Our goal is to help you get the private space that you need when feeding. It is essential for the success of breastfeeding. when feeding in public, many distractions may occur, and interrupt you and your child.

Our nursing cover gives you the peace you need while feeding, very simple to use, and so lightweight so you can feed for long time.

Lightweight and easy to use

Our breast feeding cover is designed to protect you and your child from disruptions.

Full Coverage

With a size of 35″ x 24″ you get the privacy you need, any where and any time.


  • Sturdy Buckle for easy use
  • Tension free – no heavy pockets
  • Breathable and colorful fabric
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash
  • Our cover gives you all this thanks to its main three themes: Eye contact, Wide, and Lightweight.

  • The bundle has one in each color: Grey, Green, Purple

  • IntiMom Sun Shade and Wind Shield for Strollers 

    We are proud to present one of the most innovative Wind Shield and Sun Shades ever made for strollers.
    With our sun protector, you can hide your baby behind a curtain and the baby will still see the world. The Stroller Sun Shade Cover is a curtain that comes from the Stroller Canopy or Car Seat handle down to the bottom.

    Our sun shade is the best match to any stroller. If you have canopy extender,  you will have to fold the extender or remove it.

    Key Features:

    ·        Strong Plastic Hooks - These hooks are made to last long. From our experience they NEVER break. You twist them once in order to place them on your stroller arc and your stroller shade will remain there.

    ·        SPF 30+ and See Through Shield - This stroller shade is see through. It will allow your baby to see the world, but still remain protected from sun and wind.

    ·        Adjustable Straps - the straps you attach your Sun Shield to the stroller are adjustable. This makes the sun shield fit any stroller.

    ·        Flexible - Folds with the stroller.

     - Long 23"W x 36"L  

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