Lightening Pigment Whitening

Lightening Pigment Whitening

Lightening Pigment Whitening

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Lightening Pigment Whitening is a highly effective agent to repair age and sun spots.

Lightening Pigment Whitening has the power to balance existing melanin in facial skin while actively working to prevent further darkening of blemish spots.

Achieve clear, energized and beautiful skin with the Advanced Science Lightening skin care regimen.

Lightening Pigment Whitening is a vital step to achieving clear and evenly toned skin.

1 fl oz

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Spa De Soleil Inc. is a leading manufacturer of private label, custom and pre-formulated skin and hair care products. We’re committed to developing innovative formulations, providing quality packaging and design, and offering helpful consulting services to help you through the decision making process. We open the door to unequaled private branding opportunities for your collection, staying up to date when it comes to emerging trends. Spa De Soleil is proud to manufacture our products in Los Angeles, California.
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