Carlo Monza Microfiber Shirt - Navy blue

Carlo Monza Microfiber Shirt - Navy blue

Carlo Monza Microfiber Shirt - Navy blue

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This Carlo Monza shirt can be worn year round.

Made from a very soft poplin microfiber that's light and breezy.

A beautiful turquoise color!

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Boutique Mens
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Chemin Kildare
Côte Saint-Luc
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Several years ago, after being a long time customer of high quality beautifully designed clothing, my love for men’s fashion took the better of me and I started Boutique Men’s.

As a consumer I was always on the hunt for top quality at the best possible price.

After trying many different brands, I came across the designers and manufacturers of some of the best.

Here, at Boutique Men’s quality always comes first. We know that putting on the perfectly fitted and designed shirt can be the difference between feeling confident or feeling like you don’t belong. 


Deciding to partner up with WeXcellent was a no brainer for me. You will find the same brands of shirts I fell in love with when my journey started many years ago. 


Coming soon, accessories for men – such as ties and much more