Hunter King Mattress

Hunter King Mattress

Hunter King Mattress

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Key Feature: Hybridcombination pocket coil springs & gel memory foam


Total Coil Count: Twin- 325 Full- 475 Queen- 609 King-783 

Feel: Plush

Best For: Side sleepers

Height: 14"

A new take on an old favourite. Hunter is a 14-inch combo platter of pocket coil springs and new tech gel memory foam. Hunter's got your back. His cooling gel layer adds extra contouring and comfort, while his individually pocketed coils provides extra support. When you sit on the edge you won't sink because it has foam encasements around the perimeter reinforcing the edges for extra sleeping surface and stability



10-year manufacturer’s warranty




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Sleepenvie is more than a mattress. It’s where you cuddle; your sanctuary when you’re sad and the place you triumphantly fall into when you’re happy; it’s where you watch TV; it’s where you snack; it’s where you recover Sunday morning; it’s where you talk to your loved ones; it’s where you work; it’s a couch; it’s a desk; it’s where you hide; it’s art; it’s anything you can imagine it can be. We believe by customizing your sleep preference, your bedroom will be transformed into a place of peace and productivity, and by improving your overall sleep experience, all other aspects of your life can be optimized. 

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To improve your overall sleep experience so that all the other aspects your life can be optimized. By customizing your sleep preference your bedroom will be transformed into a place of peace and productivity.

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Our vision is to make sure everyone gets quality products by providing you with the best online shopping experience from beginning to end. With an easy, smart and searchable website coupled with clear and secured payment methods, plus fast, free and quality delivery our goal is simple. Everyone is happy!

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We are founded by a Canadian woman, Joy Elena whose family has been in the mattress manufacturing business for generations. She saw the shift in the market and used her expertise in the industry to create a brand that best serves the ever-evolving needs of today’s demographic, modernizing the mattress buying process.

Giving Back

Sleepenvie doesn’t get under the covers with just anybody. We don’t partner with an organization unless we believe in their core values. We love SKETCH’s mission to create progressive and creative opportunities for marginalized youth. Sleepenvie is proud to do its part by helping to develop the next generation of cultural leaders by supporting this empowering movement and providing a percentage of sales to SKETCH. Our contributions will help to foster creativity and love for the arts and will have an an impact in creating social change and promote diversity and equality.

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