Nursing Cover

Nursing Cover

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Why IntiMom Covers

Baby breastfeeding, especially for new moms can be challenging sometimes. There are many distractions the can make the feeding process tense and sometimes it could end up with hurt and tender nipples and even early weaning. In IntiMom we want to make sure that your breastfeeding will be enjoyable, healthy and calm. Our cover gives you all this thanks to its main three themes: Eye contact, Wide, and Lightweight.

Freedom to feed your baby in any place

Our goal is to help you get the private space that you need when feeding. It is essential for the success of breastfeeding. when feeding in public, many distractions may occur, and interrupt you and your child.

Our nursing cover gives you the peace you need while feeding, very simple to use, and so lightweight so you can feed for long time.

Lightweight and easy to use

Our breast feeding cover is designed to protect you and your child from disruptions.

Full Coverage

With a size of 35″ x 24″ you get the privacy you need, any where and any time.


  • Sturdy Buckle for easy use
  • Tension free – no heavy pockets
  • Breathable and colorful fabric
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash

  • Available in 3 colors: Grey, Green, Purple

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