Baby Carrier by Milega

Baby Carrier by Milega

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Decorated with a large external pocket and a small pacifier pocket Close to your heart! A high quality carefully designed baby carrier by Milega. Milega's carrier has only one simple method of tying around your body and four main positions for your baby. The positions vary according to the baby's age. It is highly recommended to carry your baby in a carrier immediately after birth, the special fabric and the way in which the carrier is tied, allows maximum closeness between parent and baby and a feeling of being wrapped in warmth just like in the womb. The wrapping around of the stretchable fabric provides a sense of complete connection and perfect contact between parent and baby (of course, embracing the infant with your arms while inside the carrier is even better), at the same time the carrier allows parents to be hands-free and tend to other children while still providing your baby with all the comfort and warmth he needs.

Size: About 5 meters in length. Materials: Fabric - 90% cotton 10% Lycra.

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Milega, is an Israeli successful home & garden design brand. Milega was founded 20 years ago. It’s started as a small business and has grown to become a very successful brand with 10 stores in Israel and several distributors around the world. Today, our product portfolio includes all kinds of bean bags, products for infants and toddlers, outdoor bean bags, outdoor products. Our core goal is to develop and produce innovative, up to date products.