Zodiac Sign Necklace for Women

Zodiac Sign Necklace for Women

Zodiac Sign Necklace for Women

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  • Available in every Zodiac Sign        

    The necklace is available in 3 Microns gold plated or 925 sterling silver

    925 Sterling Silver heart frame (25mm x 16.5mm)

    925 Sterling Silver Italian Rolo chain 18” (45cm) - Standard Size for Women


    24K gold plated heart frame (25mm x 16.5mm)

    24K gold filled Italian Rolo chain 18” (45cm) - Standard Size for Women


    The center is a Swarovski stone with the Zodiac sign and its symbol inscribed in a

    Lifetime exclusive 24K gold inscription

    – the stone comes is a choice of 5 colors: Violet Light Amethyst, Clear Crystal, Turquoise Blue Topaz, Opalite, Red Garnet

    Aquarius: Celebrate her progressive and altruistic personality with this meaningful necklace

    Pisces: Show her you love her romantic and sensitive personality

    Aries: Let her strength and optimism flourish with this captivating women’s necklace.

    Taurus: Show how her calmness and loyalty inspire you with this fine piece of jewelry

    Gemini: Show that her quick wit and candor are appreciated

    Cancer: Show how awesome you find her sensitive and caring spirit with this unique gift

    Leo: Show how great her loving and enthusiastic nature is through this pendant

    Virgo: Express how much you love her fairness and intelligence with this silver or gold plated necklace

    Libra: Celebrate her commitment and idealism with this cute necklace

    Scorpio:  Affirm her wisdom and adventurousness with this dainty necklace

    Sagittarius: Show how much her good humor and unbridled spirit mean to you with this necklace

    Capricorn: Pronounce her competitive and determined personality through this dainty silver necklace


    Luxury gift for her accompanied by a petite magnifying glass inside a fine box



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A Nano Story

Inspired by HistoryIngenuity, and Breaking the Mold

In a collaboration of scientists and jewelry designers, we forged together never before seen technology with the traditions of craftsman jewelry to create a collection of gifts that speaks to the heart of uniqueness.

Our story starts in Tel Aviv, Israel, on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.  A bustling city where history melds with innovation where ever you look, it is a city like no other. Proclamations of peace, freedom, diversity, and progression are interwoven into the fabric of everyday life, making this unique Middle Eastern metropolis an inspiration in advancement.  Sky scraping buildings sitting next to generations old cobblestone corridors. Farmers selling their produce and wares in colorful aromatic markets, while suited businessmen whiz by on electric bikes.  Lovers of all kinds, walk hand in hand enjoying a midday stroll, as the call to prayer ushers devout men to their daily prayer.

It is these collaborations of contrasts that inspire us to create classic lasting jewelry in a way that the world has never seen before.  Knowing and valuing where you come from and what it took to makes us who we are, but with an open mind and open heart to dream of a future without boundaries and limits.  After 28 years learning, crafting, and designing jewelry, we took this spark of innovation to heart.  

We believe that if you dare to share love, dare to be different, dare to just dare, you can accomplish great things in life.   We hope you find inspiration in our jewelry, whether it be a gift for your significant partner, beloved mother, caring sister, or devoted friend, because when you come across something so unique, so one-of a kind, there is an urge deep inside to share it with those you love the most.

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