ArterioSustain 2 pack

ArterioSustain  2 pack

ArterioSustain 2 pack

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Arterio Sustain          ***bundle of 2 bottles – shipping included***

ArterioSustain contains our proprietary flavonoids root extract in a high daily dose of 200mg per capsule. ArterioSustain prevents and reduces oxidation in the arteries. These unique and groundbreaking health benefits have been patented in the US and clinically validated via a double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial that was published in 2015. For more information on this PUBLISHED study, contact info@alliedbionutrition.com.

Product Highlights

§  Promotes Arterial health

§  200 mg powerful antioxidant flavonoids extract from the polyphenol family

§  Clinically validated for efficacy in the area of cardiovascular blood circulation

§  World-class biotechnology

§  Easy-to-swallow capsules

§  30-day supply in each bottle


What Does ArterioSustain Do?

ArterioSustain uses a proprietary Flavonoids Root Extract as a natural and safe supplement ingredient for managing arterial health. A double-blind placebo controlled clinical study was completed in October 2015 and published in the scientific journal Food and Nutrition Research in April 2016. The objective of this study was to examine the effect of the proprietary Flavonoids Root Extract on carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) in individuals with increased oxidation. Participants were 94 individuals (46 men and 48 women, aged 41 – 80 years, mean age 54.5 ± 16.3). For 69% (35/51) of the people in the experimental group, CIMT decreased by 0.1mm or more compared to 12% (5/43) in the control group. For 12% (7/51) of the experimental group, CIMT increased by 0.1mm or more compared to 67% (29/43) in the control group. These results strongly suggest that the proprietary flavonoids root extract may attenuate the development of certain cardiovascular challenges and improve arterial health. As a consequence, circulation is also improved, though that was not specifically studied in this trial.

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 Allied BioNutrition Corporation is a biotechnology company devoted to formulating and testing plant-based, all-natural Nutraceutical products to address the most important health concerns of contemporary people. Our sole objective is to provide innovative, clinically-validated, science-based Nutraceutical products to key health demographics, potentially impacting millions of people around the globe.

Allied BioNutrition’s 
Nutraceutical biotechnology is based on years of research spearheaded by Professor Michael Aviram, Ph.D., a leading authority on cholesterol oxidation. Professor Aviram and his research team believe that reducing cholesterol oxidation is a key factor for optimal cardiovascular health.

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