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Blush and Lipstick Bundle by Mika Professional Makeup

$164.00 USD

Blush and Lipstick BundleThis kit contains a Prime..

Blushes Palette

$44.00 USD

Blush PaletteOur palettes have 3 units of blush.&n..

Contour Kit by Mika Professional Makeup

$165.00 USD

Contouring Kit  by Mika Professional MakeupTh..

Dry Contour Palette

$44.00 USD

Dry Contour PaletteContouring is one of the inn..

Mika Professional Primer

$36.00 USD

The Primer is recommended as a base prior to start..

Professional Makeup Brushes Set

$159.00 USD

Mika Makeup ProfessionalThis is a set of essential..

Smokey Eyes Kit by Mika Professional Makeup

$140.00 USD

Smokey Eyes KitAn eye shadow set, a black gel eyel..

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