Craig White Driven By Passion Personal Development Program

Craig White Driven By Passion Personal Development Program

Craig White Driven By Passion Personal Development Program

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 Driven By Passion Personal Development Program

Driven By Passion Book:


What would your life be like be like if you achieved all your dreams?  What about even half of them?  Different to your life now?  Are your dreams so buried they are now forgotten?  


The fact is, a lot of us give up the dreams we had as small children, bogged down by the ‘normality’ and ‘routine’ of life. Our elementary school years encouraged vision, creativity, and imagination; we all remember the stories we wrote and the pictures we drew of ourselves flying planes, driving fast cars and living as princesses in castles.  So what happened? Our high school curriculums crushed those dreams.  They didn’t teach us ‘entrepreneurialism.  They didn’t teach us how to develop millionaire mindsets.  School taught us to get a career, to follow a plan and to work for others.  So, how do some people break free?  Who taught the dreamers, the bosses, the company owners, the millionaires?  Simple.  They taught themselves! 


Driven by Passion brings you a collaboration of 15 conversations with people that possess a true drive to succeed.  Throughout this book, you will discover and explore what drives them to push beyond what they learned in high school and how they broke free of those invisible shackles.   You’ll learn how they pushed through their self-limiting beliefs that were cultivated during those vital years of their lives.  You’ll learn how to dream big again and reignite the passion you had as a child to live a life beyond that expected of you.  Personal and financial freedom can be yours if you open your mind and embrace the behaviors and habits practiced by successful people.


Enjoy the ride as you too are Driven by Passion!


Live Online 7 Week 7 Habits Coaching & Mentoring Program:


Throughout this unique 7-week training program, you will discover a depth of knowledge and understanding of the 7 KEY Habits of passionate and successful entrepreneurs. These weekly coaching and mentoring webinars will focus on developing lasting change, commitment & accountability in all you do. Craig will shift your mindset and raise your game in the beliefs and possibilities that lie within you, around you and before you.


Original Elastic Attitude Audio Program:


This superb Audio Program was launched in 2012 to raise money for the Children of Barnardo’s at Christmas. It successfully raised in the region of £9000 in just 4 weeks of being on sale.

Craig is an exciting and passionate entrepreneur who has built a dream lifestyle through developing and succeed in many businesses. Within this 5 part audio program he will share with you some tools and philosophies to REALLY EXPAND YOUR POTENTIAL.


Passion To Succeed Journal:


Every good student needs a Quality Journal, to make notes and develop new ideas. This is a top quality Journal, including direction and inspiration within to keep you focused and on task.

WeXcellent Bonus

FREE AUDIO VERSION of 7 Weeks Coaching on Competition of Program:

As a special Bonus, we will give you an Audio Version of the 7 Weeks Coaching & Mentoring Program so you can turn your car into a university. This will be delivered to you on completion of the 7 weeks webinar training. You will access this through a unique members portal that will also include any future bonuses FOR FREE.

***This WeXcellent bundle sold individually would retail for $589. ***




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From a young age, Craig possessed an unrivaled passion to succeed in life.  This passion, coupled with an unshakable work ethic, has enabled him to build a Direct Selling Business that has turned over in excess of £30 million to date.

So, how did Craig make that jump from average child, to successful entrepreneur?  He listened.  He learned.  He embarked on a journey of personal development.  A journey that he is still on today, and the path ahead never ends, he see’s it full of adventure, challenge and development.  It is now his mission to create a legacy of contribution through The Passion to Succeed Community, bringing Podcasts with Millionaire Minds, Audio & Visual Programs to help you break through your glass ceiling and much more.

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