Better Air Probiotics™ Plus 3 Cartridge – 115 ML

Better Air Probiotics™ Plus 3 Cartridge – 115 ML

Better Air Probiotics™ Plus 3 Cartridge – 115 ML

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Product Description Promotion of WeXcellent ONLY Full unit plus THREE (3) BA008 Cartridges - 115 ML

Innovative Indoor Air Quality and Surface Quality EnvironmentalProbiotics™ Eco-Balancing System (BA008) is a safe, all-natural, environmental probiotic system for protection against harmful indoor contaminants and allergens. It is designed to automatically distribute Environmental Probiotics™, a special probiotic compound, engineered for long-lasting indoor air quality and surface protection. Environmental Probiotics™
Eco-Balancing System (BA008) is suitable for a variety indoor spaces, including homes, small offices, clinics, classrooms, hotel rooms etc.

Immediate benefits of installing Better Air’s Eco-Balancing System include:

Diminishing allergens.
Bio-security: Reducing of pathogens.
Eliminating of the odor of microbial contamination.
Restoring indoor ecological balance.
100% Safe & Environmentally Friendly
1 BA008 Cartridge that lasts 2-3 Months

One Year Warranty.

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We make it simple to protect everything you care about. BetterAir Environmental Probiotics are comprised of an organically cultured strain of probiotics called Bacillus ferment. Our patented technology works on a microscopic level and repetitively releases billions of micron sized probiotics to purify the air and clean surfaces and objects; resulting in a healthy micro biome.

Our proven BetterAir procedure consists of leveraging the power of probiotics through air purifier systems to consume organic matter found on hard surfaces such as dust mite excrement, pollen and dead skin cells. Using BetterAir purifiers helps in enhancing and improving indoor air quality and prolongs the cleanliness of hard surfaces. In addition, we can aid in the reduction and prevention of bad odors caused by microbial contamination.

At BetterAir, we are dedicated to improving quality of life by bringing balance to indoor living and work spaces by replenishing them with beneficial probiotics. BetterAir purifiers are chemical-free, all-natural and safe for humans and pets.

We may not be able to get away from the air we breathe, but we sure can make it better.
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